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People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record from everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one*-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated, « vaporized » was the usual word.(Chap.I-I GEORGE ORWELL NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR Penguin Student Edition) At this moment W doesn’t care for it at all, actually he doesn’t care but for one thing : to be down with BB.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

A hazitation between Godot and Godot

With a clouded view what are we to do?
And Godot

“- What are we to do?
-We’ll hang ourselves tomorrow unless Portillo comes.”

This could be the word or thought two angels said to one another once upon a time while they’d be envisaging their incarnation. They’re likely to have thought of every eventuality in order that the adventure should be a nice trip. Let’s sum up quickly that it is about. Two angels -or one God cut in two parts- send themselves down on Earth to experience human kind and make something together there (perhaps simply by the witness of their re-incounter/recognition /respective knowing in such reality).
They should fall, bath in life without much indication to find each other back in the multitude of beings. Almost everything would be erased of their memory and they’ve left to recover it.

<<-We’ll hang ourselves tomorrow unless Portillo comes.>>
This requires an explanation to be acceptable and understood properly. I’m sure that they’re not the kind to just wait and see what’s going to happen without their making. So what then when they seem to have lost their divinity and angelic powers at the same time? It’s not saying that when the view is clouded means that there is no future and as the picture says resigned to fatality and that we should be satisfied with waiting relying to something as improbable as the coming of Portillo whoever might Portillo be and whatever we hope he would do for us that is even one more assumption.

Certainly it’s not saying that we should wait and see blind and disable our fatal fate if we’re not satisfied with the idea, but think about it together, talk about it till we find an answer that fits everybody. Nevertheless can’t it be said that somewhat we are already hanging indeed, actually hanging to a common thought or wish, a common wish to find a solution we still haven’t got ?
Also there is Portillo. It can refer to the unlimited resource of the spirit and especially to its ability to create whatever should come in answer to a need. Creative thought.

Let’s read the tale the picture tells otherwise then. Let’s read it the other ‘time way’. Now they are under the tree two old chaps talking about the past, remembering it and setting life to it again by its evocation:

“-Let’s project/send ourselves in a day passed that we can’t remember. What is it that we’ve done at the time? Let’s start from that we can remember, you know that time when we’re hanged to that tree (like to the tree of life).
-Yes we are hanging and thinking what should change so that we could free ourselves from the unbearable –that we consider unbearable- and incarnate instead of hanging nowhere.

(They don’t want as the angels of Wings of Desire (Wim Wenders) to stay suspended out of reality out of time and space anymore -that place where they can but talk and think without having a shape and a reality but the one one can figure of oneself – no mirror, no way back but the perspective of a shape and reality to take in any(?) mirror. If they have one in the movie, it is but for the necessities of making it watchable for the audience–. They’re planning to both incarnate and meet again there.)

-…Dreaming together, planning our existence to come once we wake up from sleep to go on the experiment of life, to realise the dream once we’ve prepared. Normally and most generally people can’t remember of the night-dream when they wake up, yet it is somewhere making its job in their consciousness, conditioning the way they behave the next day.

The picture shows one of the pictures of the cartoon they’re drawing. Here they’re talking the eventuality, once fallen, of finding themselves departed and locked in that reality enable to make it neither escape something bound to them – indeed they’ve submitted to conditions they pre-defined themselves and applied to them of their own free will. Yet they’ve got still an alternative there as a last resort. As humans remembering that they are of ex-angelic nature they’ve always got the alternative as the last resort to hang themselves, that is to say to make abstraction of a reality eventually become to hard to bear. Of course hanging for a human equals to death. But if they do mean to be connected TOGETHER they can be as empowered as God again. “Hanging” in the symbolic meaning stands for “making abstraction” litteraly suspended. They can make abstraction of the body like some ascetics for instance can put themselves in a state of deep meditation and work things beyond that is thought possible for normal people.
Those angels can’t fail their mission anyway if they remember that after all it is all but a dream they’re having –(for any reason whatever you’re pleased to think : just to have fun, go to a mission they’re commissioned to such as to save mankind if they want to save themselves too, or to help them humans recover or find their angelic nature back along with themselves…etc.)-

Their only desire, to be listened and thanked for the favour they make to mankind (to those who’d be interested to know). I’d be very much honoured and proud to be one of them, one of the first who come to bring that good new. I know how well that some people need something else to live than such the thick and restrictive reality imposed. I wish I could do it for me first and for those who’d like to come along in that dream. What do you think?


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